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Church Candles

Life Events

In life there are major events, birth of a child, marriage and death. For thousands of years the church has played its part in celebrating and support people through these events. Please contact our minister, Rev Rob, if you wish to know how Markfield Congregational Community Church can be of assistance to you.

Baby Baptism Ceremony


Baptism is a celebration of joy when an infant or adult is welcomed into the church and experiences the free gift of the grace of God. If you would like to know more about baptism or a naming ceremony then contact Rev Rob.

Image by Jeongim Kwon


If you are considering a Church Wedding and unsure of what is involved contact our minister to discuss things. We have a beautiful little church that could add to the happiness of your special day. It can be as grand or as intimate as you like, whether it is a wedding, blessing or renewal of vows, we would love to be of help.

Image by Annie Spratt


The death of a loved one is a distressing time. If you would like a Christian funeral, whether or not you or your loved one attended church we can offer you support in your grief and working with your chosen Funeral Director our minister will walk with you in your grief to ensure you have the funeral you and your loved one would want.

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